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Reincarnation Therapy
(Past lives therapy and meditational training)

This method is based on the 2500 year old Buddhist tradition which said that all our acts we have done in the past (be good or evil) have an effect on our present life.

What is this method about?
The individual's subjective subconscious stores all (sometimes hidden) experience and recollections related to the individual's life. Most pieces of these experience can be called back in hypnosis and with the free association technique of psychoanalysis. The recollections and experience of past lives are stored in the subconscious as well. There's nothing accidental in the mind and psyche. Thoughts, tendencies, abilities, habits, behaviors, symptoms, illnesses are originated in past lives as well (karma).

Users of this method (unlike Freud) are convinced that these reasons (origins) can be found in the time before birth, sometimes in the intermediate time (between births). So it's not enough to search and find the reasons in childhood or adulthood traumas and to cure ourselves by consciously facing these traumas (as psychoanalysis does).

Lots of the abilities and tendencies are not influenced by the family only, but can have roots in previous lives as well. These abilities have a strong effect on creating the quality of our life. Hundreds of meditation therapies have proven that by regaining these hidden abilities it's possible to live a happier and more complete life. Some serious psychotic illnesses just “disappeared” after passing through and understanding past lives' recollections. This experience gave a wonderful and soothing liberation for these people. Other patients got rid off their illnesses and psychotic problems gradually as they faced more and more past life experience and the intermediate time between lives. The stories of thousands of people cured by reincarnation therapy are more exciting than any adventure movie but more uplifting and instructing.

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