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The aim and the public benefit activities of the Association

(1) The aims of the Association:

According to the traditional teaching of the ancient meditation schools, the optimal feeling of life for a human being can be provided by the parallel development of the body, soul and mind. People of the present days are forgetting to take care of the a.m. parallel development. The reason of this situation is that people do not have those kind of thoughts do not make that kind of practice during their daily routine, that could drive them to solve the basic problems.

In order to help people to get through the a.m. fundamental problem, we considered the necessity and at the same time we have decided to establish the Maitreya Buddhist Martial Art Alliance (MABUHASZ) Association for Public Benefit.

The Maitreya Buddhist Martial Art Alliance (MABUHASZ) Association for Public Benefit — in order to reach the aims having been set — acts as follows:

a) Organize courses especially for health maintenance, personality development, building of surroundings (parks and gardens) and general recreational activities. Courses contain partly theoretical but mainly practical trainings having taken care of the availability of experienced and qualified instructors.

b) Organize lectures (and taking care of the availability of experienced and qualified instructors) about the practice of the harmonious and happy life — as the basic target of all beings on Earth. Lectures shall bring closer the far East experience and methods to the modern European people in order to integrate those into our efforts for reaching the improvement of our own life quality.

c )Provide healing support, therapy and rehabilitation — not considered to be medical treatment.

d) Provide martial art trainings.

e) Create and maintain co-operation with other (public benefit) organizations which are willing to accept and integrate the aims of MABUHASZ into their own ones or would use MABUHASZ services as useful addition to their own activity.

(2) The Association act on the bellow listed fields of public benefit activities — according to the year 1997. law CLVI. (about public benefit organizations) 26. §. c.) point:
•Health maintenance, prevention from illnesses, therapy and rehabilitation
•Education, skill development
•Cultural activity
•sport, except the professional and contract based sport activities
•Support of the education and employment of the ones that are in disadvantageous position on the labour-market
•Services for public benefit organizations — that can be used only by public benefit organizations.

The complete text of the Constitution of MABUHASZ Association for Public Benefit (Hungarian language text only) can be downloaded here

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