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The goal of the MABUHASZ courses to provide the participants real knowledge — that is based on the personal practice and experience — that can be used ongoing to improve their life quality and create the personal harmony and well-balanced state.

Buddhist Yoga and Chi-kung Training

The purpose of Buddhist Yoga and chi-kung trainings organised by Mabuhasz, is to give a an introduction to Buddhist meditation techniques for people who are seriously interested in these teachings and want to implement them into their everyday life, so they can use these teachings to improve themselves and serve others as well.
Buddhist yoga goes further than the goal (Samadhi) and methods of the well-known yoga schools. While Buddhist yoga uses traditional yoga asanas, there is an important difference: the Buddhist tecnique is based on one's natural breathing pace according to their own physical, psychical and spiritual constitution.
The goal of the Mabuhasz Chi-kung training is to introduce all exercises in the spirit of Bodhidharma's teachings. (Bodhidharma is the founder of Buddhist martial arts.) The training aims to clear the mind instead of chasing extraordinary spiritual experiences; and helps prana flow well through the meridians of the body.
For those who are not committed to the spiritual path yet, but are interested in this culture and want to develop their abilities and the harmony of body-mind and spirit, our self-development courses are availeable. In these courses we teach introductory exercises, which are easier, but still help reach the above mentioned goals, for children as well.

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