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Looking back for over 20 years of activity, Maitreya Buddhist Martial Art Alliance (MABUHASZ) was established in Dunaújváros in 1992. The community has slightly been changed in the recent years with increasing number of members from Székesfehérvár and Budapest. Finally we have founded our Association for Public Benefit in 2006 — for some practical reasons — with a headquarter located in Székesfehérvár. Our Association will realize our major goal as a country-wide operating non-profit organization. According to the traditional teaching of the ancient meditation schools, the optimal feeling of life for a human being can be provided by the parallel development of the body, soul and mind. We will support people´s effort to gain the mentioned harmony together with the improvement of skills and abilities. For this reason we organize courses especially for health maintenance, personality development and general recreational activities.

We consider the importance and we take the responsibility for introducing far East experience and methods to the modern European people in order to integrate those into our efforts for reaching the improvement of their own life quality. We would emphasize the co-operation with other non-profit organizations as well as governmental institutions and market-oriented organizations in order to widely spread our ideas and fulfil our targets. In our programs — beyond the already mentioned focus - we also take care of supporting all kind of human services and equalization of chances. Until now it has been completed several programs and trainings as well as we have actually running ones both in Székesfehérvár and Budapest.

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