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The goal of the MABUHASZ courses to provide the participants real knowledge — that is based on the personal practice and experience — that can be used ongoing to improve their life quality and create the personal harmony and well-balanced state.

Buddhist Meditation

When we start our meditation we always have to be aware of the fact that the meditations we learn are not real meditations only exercises. Meditation should be a very natural state of consciousness. While doing these exercisesm, we practice the techniques that we use to bring our mind into this natural state. Altough the excersise begins with 3-5 dynamic exhalations, in Buddhist meditation we do not modify our breathing in any other way. It is only about letting things happen as they are, as there's nothing that should be forced. We don't have to build up anything, rather to destroy instead. This is the reason why Buddhist meditation usualy begins with the “anapanasati” (breathing contemplation), which creates not only the “ekagrata” (the single pointedness of mind), but balance and harmony as wel. From this harmony we can continue towards the meditarion of the unfluctuating calmess and “bavanas” and visualization “sadhanas”.

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