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The goal of the MABUHASZ courses to provide the participants real knowledge — that is based on the personal practice and experience — that can be used ongoing to improve their life quality and create the personal harmony and well-balanced state.

Cloud-walking Silk-Brocade
Traditional Chinese health preservation exercises
(Recommended from 8 up to 108)

Silk-Brocade is a recuperative and conditioning motional culture that is practised in the Far East since centuries. Its name, Ba Duan Jin refers to the old Chinese attitude saying that longevity and good health are like the shine and delicacy of a richly waved silk.

It has a good effect on the cardiovascular system, the nervous system (stimulates the Solaris Plexus), the dermal and connective tissues, the bony-structure system as well as the digestive and excretory tracts. The exercise makes limbs, spinal column and the movement of joints much more flexible and strainless. It is also recommended for people suffering from asthma and respiratory illnesses.

Practicing these traditional Chinese health preservation exercises daily, without forcing takes only a couple of minutes every day in the mornings and in the evenings. The best, if we can practice Silk Brocade in the fresh air, in a relaxing atmosphere.

Through these exercises, concentrating on the Dan Tian point located bellow the navel inside the body, we can gain flexibility, stability, psychical relaxation and vitality.

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