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Communication and Personality Recreation Training

Conscious communication becomes more and more important (we are more and more forced to do so) independently from the fact, that we are participating for example in a business discussion or just having an everyday private conversation.
Applying a conscious style of communication anyone is capable to gain a reasonable position during the negotiation, and as a result of it, a mutually advantageous agreement can be reached.
On one hand our training program is clearly applying the strengths of several business trainings and uses the business-communication experience of companies, on the other hand we emphasise the importance of consciousness in a Buddhist manner too. So that we should be conscious regarding our goals and application of our methods meanwhile ongoing controlling our actions in order to lead (focus) us directly to the direction of our target. Coexistence of the advanced communication techniques and a Buddhist approach in our (communication) behaviour makes us much more efficient and an equal partner to anyone.

Several companies and organizations have been operating in Hungary too since years, teaching techniques and strategies dedicated to improve the efficiency of the communication. Even though a lot of people took part of these kinds of trainings, still they are suffering from the disadvantages of the improper or even wrong ways of their communication both in the business and private life. There are two major reasons, why it is so, and the training companies are definitely leaving these reasons out of consideration.
One of the reasons is not differentiating between understanding and knowing. Lot of people got trained, perfectly understood the methods and still do not succeed in practice. Even though they have understood everything!
The other reason -more exactly the missing part- is that conventional training programs dont care an important factor, which fundamentally influences the communication and the applicability of the techniques. This is the human factor -the personality- that is communicating, sometimes modifying the methods we have learned, sometimes even preventing us from applying the instructed techniques.

The education system of the MABUHASZ communication and personality recreation training brings the communication techniques and the communicating personality closer to each other, after a certain practice they will even be united. As a result of it, the communication itself will be transformed into a pleasant life-situation, where we can enjoy ourselves, become effective and successful, providing comfortable and enjoyable circumstances even for those who we are in dispute with.

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